Labor blocks endo revisions

from August 1, 2019 01:00 am to August 1, 2019 01:00 am

The labor group Trade Union Congress of the Philippines said it was not in favor of revising the vetoed and already watered-down Security-of-Tenure bill to tailor-fit the whims and caprices of business and employers.


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“There should be no sudden, drastic shift in current labor relations in order to prepare all for the SOT reform,” TUCP president Raymond Mendoza said.


“That is why there will be an industry-by-industry tripartite process to identify what jobs are regular and what can be outsourced through legitimate contracting,” Mendoza said.


He said this would entail more talking and negotiations and necessarily more time.


“Also, the tripartite process is where those jobs which can be contracted out will be determined since management prerogatives must conform to the Constitution, good morals, fair play, decency, logic and the parameters of this new law,” Mendoza said. 


“TUCP sees nothing wrong or amiss in the definition of Labor-only contracting in the vetoed law. If anything, the definition closes the loopholes that have been exploited by the employers and labor contractors to exploit our workers in what is a modern form of slave labor.”


The TUCP said the worker, without any security of tenure, was subject to a modern form of slavery where his other rights were either illusory, contingent or easily set aside by the employers.


Mendoza told the economic managers that the question of balancing of interests with the employers was raising a false issue.


“There is no balancing of interest since Philippine labor relations is already so weighted down against workers. This was what the vetoed SOT Law was supposed to address,” Mendoza said.

“The vetoed version was already the watered-down version. What new version are the President’s men talking about? Are they talking about the version that will give employers an even freer hand to expand the scope of contractualization even more, for employers to determine at will who will be contractual?” Mendoza said.


He said the veto was done without consulting workers, adding the President was deliberately misled and badly advised.