By Arnulfo E. Dinapo


As labor organizations across the globe are loudly campaigning for improvement of working conditions of workers, Associated Labor Unions (ALU) National Vice President and Oversight Executive Committee member Michael C. Mendoza implemented physical changes in the National Office.


First, he changed the lighting. From 100 pieces old florescent tubes, 40 circular day lights with electronic ballasts and 40 pinlights and bulbs are currently installed in the office. Mendoza said he is expecting more than a thousand less electricity usage after changing the lighting.


Second, the waist- high wall was removed to create an open space, encouraging a warm welcome to members and guests of the Union.


Third, the dingy ceilings were changed.  New roofing replaces the leaking and rusty decades-old galvanized iron roof.


Fourth, mushroom-colored vinyl tiles replaced the old red and cracked cement flooring. These are thoroughly sealed for stability and waxed for sheen- reflecting more light in all directions.  


Mendoza said the old office look was gloomy. Now, it looks clean and bright.  


At least two more projects are in the works:  total replacement of old roofs and installation of energy-saving air conditioning units.  


Also, the renovation of ALU Luzon Regional Office will be completed by December of this year.  


The transformation of ALU offices is also expected to improve the productivity of staff/personnel.  Higher productivity means more efficient and effective services for members.  


Physical changes in an office must go hand in hand with internal change that starts from the individual and an organizational culture of competency, actual performance, honesty, fairness, care and shared responsibility.